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emerging from dormancy

20150902: [ sawall > hack ] { | siglican }

Right after my last, extremely optimistic, post, I got deep into the bowels of my static gallery generator, siglican. Then an awesome Real Work opportunity presented itself and I jumped at the chance. Unfortunately, I had left siglican in a state such that it was breaking my blog generation, so I was not only stalled on getting photos up here, but I was also suddenly unable to get any blog posts up either.

I was throughly sidetracked by my awesome freelance engineering gig (which I will likely be moving to full time with soon - more on that later), a bunch of Real Life issues (protip: don't let your washing machine leak onto bare drywall!), and a whole ton of puzzle games (a new obsession), so I dropped siglican on the floor to gather dust for a while.

siglican gallery

I'll keep this short for now, but I'm very proud to say that I've gotten my gallery generation working properly, along with a colorbox-driven gallery. Someone even made a small contribution to the siglican codebase the other day, which was gratifying.

While I get my photos into somewhat better order I've popped up a couple of sample galleries here so you can get a look at what my project looks like. I'm excited to finally have a place to post my photos that isn't a social media site. So, please enjoy what's here and I plan to get more photos up soon!